Q. Is it a must to get angiography for cough and fast breathing?



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My mother is 62 years old. She is under regular medicine for BP. Since five years she is taking Olmy-D 20 mg and Cilapam plus at night. She is suffering from prolonged cough and fast breathing after long walk and climbing stairs. I am attaching her recent ECG, echo and x-ray reports. Please suggest whether she needs angiography as a further investigation. Her doctor advised Ecosprin 150 and GTN 2.6, which she is taking from yesterday.





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  • Your mom is hypertensive. On Olmy-D (Olmesartan), if her blood pressure is controlled then the treatment is fine.
  • Cilapam (Escitalopram) is for anxiety (grossly).
  • Is she having chest pain like symptom on exertion or at rest? If no then no need of GTN (Nitroglycerine).
  • Check her cholesterol and also check whether she is diabetic or not?
  • Current reports are not suggestive of angiogram. Do a TMT (treadmill test) if possible.
  • If the breathing symptoms are more then can go for angiogram.
  • Better continue with previous medicines and take tablet Ecosprin AV (Aspirin and Atorvastatin) 75 once daily.

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