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I moved into a 4 year old apartment before five months. They have now found mold under the floorboards in the bathroom. They have removed the floorboards and the padding and cleaned. Now, they are getting professionals to clean it properly. After a month, I developed a terrible cough and have been to my doctor. She did not find any infection in my throat. I put it down to allergies, but it has not gone away. My question to you is am I safe to live in this place while it is being cleaned by professionals? Could this cough be caused by the mold? My current medications are Rosuvastatin for high cholesterol, Omeprazole for reflux, Mylan Bupropion XL and Escitalopram for depression and Inhalers for asthma.





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  • It is very important to thoroughly get rid of the mold and also to take measures to prevent the mold from returning.
  • Mold-related illness and allergies are very common. Mold produces thousands of tiny spores that float and circulate in the air and irritate the mucosa, which will lead to mold-related illness.
  • Symptoms like cough, sneezing, stuffiness and throat pain are upper respiratory illness.
  • For your knowledge, molds do cause lower respiratory tract illness like bronchitis and pneumonia, particularly in elderly, infants, diabetics and immunosuppressed individuals.
  • If the mold removal is being carried out by professionals, then it is safe. Otherwise, continuous exposure to mold is definitely not advised.
  • Take care. Get the mold cleaned up soon and get the leaky pipes fixed.

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