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I have several questions. Please clear my doubts and tell whether they are myth or fact. Is masturbation harmful? Is hair fall associated with masturbation in any way? How frequent can one have sex? I am having sex with my partner daily and even twice a day sometime. Is it harmful? When I do fast, I ejaculate in some 3 to 4 minutes and I am not able to satisfy my partner. Am I suffering from PE? If yes, then what should I do? Is it necessary to pull the foreskin back before inserting my organ? I have only one partner and she is also loyal. Is there any issue with unprotected oral sex? We have been doing unprotected oral sex for the last 8 months and there is no problem so far. Is it harmful if we do anal sex? Thanks a lot in advance.





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  • Masturbation does not cause hair fall. Both are due to the effect of testosterone. In boys of young age, the effect of testosterone is high, which is normal and cause desire to masturbate. Hair fall may be due to low vitamin or scalp infection or high testosterone.
  • Frequent sex is not harmful. You can do it daily.
  • No, you do not have premature ejaculation. Ejaculation in less than one minute is PE. She can be satisfied before sex by finger or oral sex.
  • It is better to pull the foreskin before insertion.
  • If you have done oral sex for 8 months without any problem, then no further issue.
  • Anal sex can be done, but regular may cause tear in the anus and a condom should be used.

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