Q. Is stem cell therapy useful for neurogenic bladder?



Hi doctor,

My daughter, who is 22 years old, has neurogenic bladder. Her height is 4’10” and weight is 53 kg. She is suffering from voiding dysfunction and constipation. She underwent surgery for spinal lipoma when she was 45 days old. Her bladder trabeculated and grade 3 reflux. Her right kidney is 8.83 x 4.89 cm and left is 9.40 x 4.08 cm. She had been on Nitrofurantoin 100 mg and Tolterodine tartrate 2mg per day (bed time) for six years and discontinued three months back. Kindly advice on appropriate treatment option and prognosis. I would like to know if stem cell therapy is useful. I have attached her reports for your reference.





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  • Yes, your daughter needs treatment. I need to know that, how is she doing without medicines?
  • How many times in the night does she pass urine?

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