Q. Is surgery required for my mother’s thumb injury?



Hi doctor,

Basketball hit my mother’s left thumb and there is a regular pain for some two years now. The skin becomes harder in that area. Also, that arm becomes thinner as compared to the other arm. Please help.





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  • When was the basketball injury and how was it treated immediately? Was there any x-ray or doctor visit at that time? If so, kindly send them.
  • The two recent x-rays (attachment removed to protect patient identity) seem to suggest first carpometacarpal joint arthritis, which is degeneration of that joint just like in the knee.
  • It can be helped by thumb spica splint, analgesics, warm water fomentation and rest.
  • I am not sure that this was caused entirely by the injury. Are you sure that the current problem was caused by the injury?
  • You have mentioned that the arm became thinner than the other arm, which could have many reasons like cervical disc prolapse, shoulder problems, etc.
  • Kindly send more details on any restriction of the movements in the neck, shoulder, etc.
  • Is there any weakness or sensation difference in the arm? Was she examined by an orthopedic spine or a neurosurgeon? If so, then kindly send the doctor’s clinical examination report for better understanding.

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