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Hi doctor,

Before 20 days, I went to a party, got drunk and met with a fall. My leg started paining from the next day. I could not walk without it hurting. I went to A and E and they said it was just a soft tissue injury. Still now, I am having pain and not able to bend it properly or fully extend it without being uncomfortable. I am also struggling to walk anywhere far. It got seized up today whilst in the shower and I could barely move my leg. It just clamped up. Please help.





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I understand your pain and concern.

  • It is possible that you have suffered a muscle sprain. I advise you to try RICE approach (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for it.
  • Rest the sprained part for at least 48 to 72 hours completely. Do not use it.
  • Apply ice wrapped in a damp towel for 20 minutes after every two to three hours. This will help decrease the swelling.
  • Compress it with an elastic compression bandage and immobilize it. Elevate the leg above heart level and keep it on a big pillow for at least a few hours a day.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by your doctor for pain. Most sprains heal within a week or two weeks.
  • Surgery is not helpful in cases of sprains. Please try doing all this.
  • If you feel that your pain is not subsiding, it is increasing or the swelling is increasing, then see your specialist doctor as soon as possible to rule out any bone injury.

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