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My dad is 59 years old and had angioplasty three years back. After angioplasty, he was on high medication. Also, he started to develop psychological problems. He is having illusions that my mom is having affair with whosoever comes to our house. He started troubling my mom a lot. Now, he thinks my mom is having affair with his elder brother. He is not talking properly to my mom, me and my uncle. Rest in front of others, he behaves normally. My dad is still working and outside home, he is normal. He is a chain smoker and drink alcohol. I tried to take him for counseling, but he is not ready to understand that he is undergoing some problem. We have not discussed this problem with our extended family as he is normal in front of others. He used to care about us so much. But, right now I am 7 months pregnant and he least bothered about it. I did not want my mom to suffer more as already for the last three years we were ignoring this problem. Please help us.





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  • This symptom of suspecting fidelity of spouse is known as delusion of jealousy. It is commonly seen in alcohol abusers or addicts. It is treated with antipsychotics.
  • As he does not have insight or understanding into his problem, he is unlikely to see a psychiatrist and take necessary treatment.
  • Fortunately, there are medicines which can be given surreptitiously (without the knowledge of the patient) by mixing in food, tea, juice, etc.
  • I would recommend you seeing a psychiatrist nearby. Take all his papers, angioplasty file and current medications. Explain your situation and ask if he can give you medicines, which can be given along with his current medicines and can be mixed in his food. This should solve your problem.

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