Q. My friend abused cocaine and became sick. What to do now?



Hi doctor,

My friend abused weed, alcohol and cocaine in a span of 20 days. Last two days he had cocaine twice, even though that was the first time and did not sleep. Then, he travelled and became sick with 104 degree fever, cough, swollen tonsils and right knee numbness. His blood test result showed RBC count 13.4 g and WBC 11300 with leukocyte 16%. This happened before a month and he is still coughing. He just had medicine to reduce body temperature. Please help.





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  • I am very much concerned about acquiring diseases that could be transmitted through contaminated needles namely HIV, hepatitis B and C.
  • He may be exposed to EBV infection (Epstein-Barr virus) or just acute tonsillitis due to strep throat or other viral infection (Influenza).
  • Remember, if he has not done his drugs then he may be undergoing acute withdrawal.
  • I would highly suggest that you take him to a doctor and get the following tests.

  • Investigations to be done:

    1. HIV RNA by PCR (not the antibody testing)
    2. Monospot test.
    3. Throat swab and culture.
    4. Hepatitis C RNA by PCR.

  • Probable diagnosis:

    It would depend upon the results. If you can get the results to me then it would be great.

  • Treatment plan:

    I suggest tablet Ibuprofen or Diclofenac sodium every 8 hours for fever. Consult his specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
    If he is unable to eat or drink, jittery, confused, having a high heart rate and low blood pressure then he should be seen in the emergency room.

  • Regarding follow up:

    Revert back with the report to an internal medicine physician online.—> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/internal-medicine-physician

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