Q. My lesion turned black after application of cider vinegar. What to do now?



Hi doctor,

I have ringworm on my arm. I used Daktarin and that did not work. Then I used cider vinegar and it has turned black. Should I be worried?





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I have read your query in detail and do understand your concern. Also I have viewed the attached pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity).

This is irritant dermatitis which has developed due to the use of vinegar. It is very less probable that the fungal infection has been cured.

Proper oral and topical medicine for one or two months is needed to cure your disease.

Remember to wear loose cotton clothing especially when at home.

Avoid hot humid climate, keep the affected area dry and avoid synthetic innerwear.

If any other family members are affected, they must also be adequately treated to prevent recurrence. Also get your blood sugar levels tested.

  • Is it still itchy?
  • Any increase in size of the lesion since last few days?
  • How long did you use cider vinegar?

Meanwhile, you may apply antifungal cream such as Clotrimazole twice daily over the lesions of ringworm.

  • You may revert back with the answers, so that suitable oral treatment can be started.

Revert back with the answers for the above questions to a dermatologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/dermatologist

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