Q. My mom’s behavior changes every single minute. How to resolve this?



Hi doctor,

Myself and my wife are stressed by my mom’s behavior. She keeps changing every single minute and fights with us for small matters. Kindly help me to resolve this.





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  • This is a common situation, but the causes can be varied.
  • First what I need to know is that whether this is a recent change or has been her nature since early years. Both would mean differing lines of management.
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication are complex and often one person cannot be held as responsible unless the person suffers from a clinical psychiatric condition.
  • I think the best option that you have is to go meet an expert as a family. You can tell your mom that this is for family therapy that is treating the family as a whole. This will ensure that she does not feel victimized and will cooperate with the treatment process.
  • Once we start our evaluation in a non-judgmental manner, if we find that she has a clinical psychiatric issue, then that can be treated. This seems to be the best step forward at the moment.

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