Q. My mother is suffering from platelet disorder. What to do further?



Hi doctor,

My mother is suffering from platelet disorder from the last one month. She had nearly about 58 units of platelet transfusion, but still her platelet count is not up to the mark. What to do further?





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Based on your query, my opinion is as follows:

  • Platelet count needs to be maintained around 200000, if there is no bleeding. As I am not sure about the platelet count and the cause of your mother, if this is maintained then it is adequate.
  • Multiple platelet transfusions can lead to antibody formation against platelets. In such situations, single donor platelets through apheresis and IV immunoglobulins will be beneficial.
  • The cause for low platelet count needs to be ascertained. Until any history or investigation details are available, it is very difficult for me to comment further.

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