Q. My professor harassed me. Should I fight for the injustice done?




For the past nine months I have been suffering from mental trauma, because of a professor. I studied in a good college. During my first semester, I did really badly. But, then I improved a lot. As, I failed in the first semester I was told to pass that paper for my promotion to the second year. Many people who had less than me went to second year, but to me every time it was a cold shoulder from management. When I attempted again, unbelievably the questions were much harder. I did my best, but I failed again. The professor harassed me. I am sure I deserved more. Should I stand up and fight for the injustice done? I cannot bear the entire burden. Please help me to understand the problem.





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  • From your description, it seems that you are trying very hard and feel disturbed due to injustice.
  • You want to decide whether you should take any action or not. You can solve and effectively decide about your problem by applying the following procedure.
  • You have two solutions to solve your problem by either taking any action or refrain from taking any action.
  • Your mental trauma may be because of lack of effective decision making due to increased level of stress.
  • Write down the advantages and disadvantages of each solution that is, if you decide to take any action, write down all advantages and disadvantages, which will give benefits to you.
  • Write as much as possible no matter how big or small, write whatever comes into your mind.
  • Analyze the whole situation and check whether the solution has more benefits and less harmful consequences.
  • Choose the solution which will benefit you in the long run and discard those which can harm by any means.
  • Make an action plan to implement the best chosen solution. Start taking action and working towards the solution.
  • Try to solve your problem. If your problem is not solved, then review the other solutions. There might be other solutions which were best to solve your problems.
  • Stick with the solutions until your problem get solved.
  • Do not take any reaction unless you thoroughly work through it and reach the better solution, otherwise it may cause the situation worse for you.

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