Q. My pupils are big after cataract surgery. Why?



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I had cataract surgery. I can see objects only with the rigid lens and it is blurry. I cannot read anything. My eyes still get hurt by bright light and my pupils are big. Why?





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  • After the cataract surgery, pupil may remain dilated due to surgical trauma to constrictor pupillae muscle or iris is damaged and becomes atrophic.
  • Some drops also cause pupil dilation. Make sure you are not using any dilating drops with red caps such as Tropicamide, Cyclopentolate or Atropine.
  • There is also a condition called Urrets-Zavalia syndrome in which pupil remains dilated after any kind of eye surgery.
  • So, pupil is actually just like the shutter of the camera that controls the amount of light entering into the eye. When the pupil is dilated more light enters that cause photophobia or blurring. Blurring may also be due to intraocular edge effect.
  • You have not explained when the surgery was done and which procedure was done? Please mention whether it is phacoemulsification or extra capsular cataract extraction with IOL or without IOL (intraocular lens) and whether the surgery was normal or complicated.
  • So, the first thing is refraction has to be checked to know whether your vision improves with glasses and contact lens or not.
  • Complete eye examination needed for other causes of blurring like postoperative inflammation or any other complication. So, I would advise you to get your eyes examined and get refraction.
  • To solve the dilated pupil problem some surgery may be done or you may use colored contact lens. Colored contact lens will do the same job as a pupil.

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