Q. My skin is dry and flaky around my mouth. How to fix it?



Hello doctor,

I skin is too oily on my face, but skin around my mouth and nostrils is very dry and flaky. It has also been making a ring form around my mouth. It is of different color from the rest of my skin tone. How can I fix this? Please guide this.





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  • Avoid excessive cleansing of your skin. Use soap or face wash not more than two to three times a day.
  • Plain water can be used to cleanse whenever required. Pat dry your skin after washing it.
  • Keeping your skin moisturized is the key to healthy looking skin. Pick a good quality moisturizer (Rejuva oil and Vitamin E) with SPF sun protection factor) for mornings.
  • Keep your lips happy and healthy with liberal application of lip balm.
  • Though it is very tempting to have a hot water shower, it should be best avoided. Hot water tends to dry your skin.
  • Use a body moisturizer within three minutes after your shower or bath to avoid dry skin.
  • Skin is the mirror of internal organs. Staying healthy is necessary to look healthy. Stay well hydrated and get adequate sleep.
  • Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet (especially beneficial in psoriasis), fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Exercise increases blood circulation to your skin and keep it healthy.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as Nicotine causes premature ageing and makes your skin appear dry and dull.

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