Q. My two biopsy reports show different timings. Does that sound strange?



Hi doctor,

My breast core biopsy pathology reports have different information. In one it is mentioned as specimen collected at 7.10 AM and 5 cores taken. And in the other specimen collected at 2 PM and 8 cores taken. Does that sound strange?





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  • Yes, it is strange, but not worrisome.
  • Biopsy reports timing would not matter much unless the tissue was kept outside, which is never done. If the tissue is not fixed (put on a fluid called as formalin), no opinion will be possible.
  • 5 cores or 8 cores, depends on the count, as a few might attach together or few might have broken. Not to worry on this front.
  • The report is the most important thing. If both have given the same report, then not to worry. If it is different, then reevaluation of slides may be necessary.

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