Q. My wife keeps coughing at midnight. What is the reason?



Hi doctor,

My wife keeps coughing at midnight and has breathing problem sometimes. So, doctor suggested an x-ray. I am attaching the report here for your reference. I tried searching information online and got some details, but want to know the exact cause, stage and treatment. So, please guide me. Thank you.





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It would be very helpful if you would share how long she has the symptoms of cough.

Also, did she have any associated symptoms like fever, body ache? Did they bring up phlegm? Is there any history of weight loss or change in appetite?

I assume that your symptoms were less than a week and this may well represent acute bronchitis.

It can be viral or bacterial. Keeping in mind the current viral season (influenza), it is most likely viral in origin. But, I can be more certain if you would kindly answer the questions above.

  • Bronchitis if viral is only treated symptomatically, which means Paracetamol or Ibuprofen along with an inhaler (if wheezing present) and cough syrup.
  • The bacterial firm would need antibiotics. Rarely might we have to use oral or inhaled steroids.
  • Please share the answers to the questions above because if your symptoms are long term there will be a whole set of another differentials and treatment.

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