Q. One side of my tooth is missing. What to do?



Hi doctor,

I have a tooth that is missing one side of it. The tooth next to it grew crooked and become impacted. I had pain last week while drinking water. I did not discover the side missing till today. I am in a lot of pain now and nothing is helping. My wisdom tooth got removed four years ago. Please help.





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  • If it is painful, then it means that the root of the tooth is infected. It will need any of the following treatments.
  • Root canal treatment followed by crown placement over it, which may also require a post if the tooth is badly broken.
  • The second option is an extraction of the tooth and placing an artificial tooth in its place later.
  • The exact treatment can be determined only by seeing a picture of the tooth or an x-ray is even better.
  • If the tooth pain is severe, then I would suggest a visit to dentist for prescription medication that is antibiotics and painkillers.
  • For the time being, use some over-the-counter painkillers. Also, warm saline gargle might help you with some relief.

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