Q. Our 2 months old baby poops all the time. Please suggest some medicine.



Hi doctor,

Two months ago, my wife delivered a baby boy. 10 days before, we brought the baby home from my wife’s place. Since then, he poops all the time and it is mostly mucus-like with a little odor and watery. I guess there is some fungal infection around the baby’s anus. We went to the doctor and he prescribed a few antidiarrheal syrups. But, there is no recovery at all. The baby is crying most of the times. They also suggested to use a dusting powder, but it seems that it is not helping much. He still has pain. We cannot seem to find where we went wrong or the doctors we went to do not take their jobs seriously. Everyone at home is so tensed for the baby’s health. Also, from birth, the baby is making some sound when inhaling. The doctors used nebulizers and the suction machine. But, the sound is still present. The pain issue has been present for two weeks and the infections have worsened after medications. Please help.





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You seem to be very worried and I think this is your first child, which is why all the worry is taking place.

  • The child may pass small amounts of stools 10 to 15 times per day or sometimes once in two days. The child may sleep throughout the day and stay awake at night.
  • The child may pass gas like a big person and may have hiccups occasionally.
  • Warning signs in children are as follows:
  1. Lethargy and refusal to feed
  2. Convulsions.
  3. Passage of white stools or stools containing blood.
  4. Multiple episodes of vomiting with abdominal distention and not passing stools at the same time.
  5. Dehydration.
  • From your history and photo (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I do not think that he is a sick child. As the weight 5 kg for a 2 month old child is extremely good. A sick child will not have such a good weight.
  • Regarding the rashes, I am very sure that you must have been prescribed antibiotics and medicines, which were unnecessary as these phenomena are normal phenomena in children below the age of six months.
  • These medicines might have lead to increased acidic content of the stools, which would lead to a rash. I would advise to stop the medicines you are giving for cough, cold and loose motions. This should normalize the gut flora and bring the digestion process back to normal.
  • Also, I suggest application of Rashfree ointment (Benzalkonium chloride) to the region and leave the region open for most of the time for up to a week. Consult your doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
  • Currently as per your history, I do not think the child require any medicine. There is no need of calcium and multivitamin supplements as weight is good.

For further information consult a child health specialist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/child-health-specialist




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