Q. Please explain my ankle MRI report.



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I am a 38 year old male. I have ankle pain for the last nine months. But, I have no problem in walking. My ankle x-ray is fine. The MRI report summary is as follows: Subchondral cystic changes seen in the medial and lateral aspect of talar dome with adjacent marrow edema and overlying hyperintensity and irregularity. It is suggestive of stage II A osteochondral injury of talus. No evident separation of the osteochondral fragment or loose body formation. Mild ankle joint effusion. No evident of ligament sprain or tendon tear. Please explain.





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  • You have some bone edema and osteochondral fragment.
  • If you just take normal painkillers, then it will take three to four months for your pain to reduce.
  • So, you require a special injection called Zoledronic acid, which is usually used for osteoporosis. It has an additional effect of reducing bone edema very quickly.
  • Also, you require additional medicines orally to reform the cartilage of the bone. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and get the medicines with consent.
  • Also, wear an ankle stirrup to support the ankle.

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