Q. Please help with my pain under my rib cage.



Hi doctor,

I am 25 years old. My weight is 53 kg and height is 5.3. From yesterday afternoon, I have some pain under my rib cage. Please check the reference image. I can breathe easily, but it is paining when I am breathing heavy. It has also pained when I laugh, cough and puke. Please help me with this. Recently, I took a thyroid test. I do not know of it is useful, but I am attaching it. Thank you.





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  • Is the pain on the right lower side or left lower side of the rib cage? The reason why I am asking this is due to different organs in these areas and the treatment may be different.
  • Please also share if you have cough, fever, chills, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, yellow color of your eyes and change in the color of your stools.
  • Is the pain staying where it is or travelling to the other side or going to the back? Did you have any recent surgery, a fall or a hit to your chest?
  • Any past medical history or medications that you would like to share?

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