Q. Shall I give Aristozyme along with cholesterol drops to my baby?



Hello doctor,

My baby boy is 11.5 months old. His weight is 8 kg. He is not taking anything orally except breast milk. He has been taking cholesterol drops from 9 days after birth. Now, our pediatrician advised to give Aristozyme drops. I want to know whether I can give him both the medicines. Please give your suggestions.





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  • Aristozyme is useful when there is digestion problem associated with difficulty in growth. Your baby’s weight seems fine for an 11.5 month old, which shows there must be no issues with digestion.
  • Also, we give Simyl MCT oil and HMF sachet (human milk fortifier) as milk fortifiers. I do not know why cholesterol drops are being given to your child. Is there any medical condition for which the child is being treated?
  • However, I do not think there is any harm in using Aristozyme along with cholesterol drops.

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