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I have herpes. It was diagnosed around 2 years ago. I had a breakout and took some antiviral Acyclovir pills. I am starting to have outbreaks again on my lips. I have both types of herpes. I have heard that Lysine fights herpes and so I am taking some vitamins too. I would like to know the amount of Lysine I can take per day. Also, at what time of the day can I have Lysine and vitamins? Is there anything you can recommend for oral herpes breakouts? What is the most effective medicine to avoid oral herpes? What is the most effective medicine for genital herpes? I am in a relationship and I got my partner infected a long while ago. I am scared, sad and depressed to tell him. I feel like I will not be able to living with herpes. I feel a very deeply anxious way. Please help.





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You need to understand the basic pathology about herpes.

  • You had herpes genitalis in the past and there are chances of you having recurrent episode if your immunity is low.
  • As your partner also has it, you both need to take antiviral therapy. The most important line of management is Acyclovir.
  • In case of recurrent herpes genitalis, patients are put on suppressive therapy with Acyclovir even for six months so that they do not face similar problems again.
  • When you have a fresh episode of herpes, there are chances of you transmitting this to your partner in the first year. You need to have protected intercourse.
  • Usually, herpes labialis does not require treatment, but when the patient has recurrent episodes then antiviral therapy is given.
  • Since you are having recurrent herpes labialis, you should consider taking antiviral therapy again. Remember, whenever there are new episode, then the chance of transmitting herpes to partner is high.
  • The dose of L-Lysine monohydrochloride tablets (1000 mg L-Lysine per dose) is two times a day. It can be taken till six months.
  • Please get your STD (sexually transmitted disease) profile done. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.

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