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Hi doctor,

My mom wants to take me to a doctor, because she thinks I need help. But, I told her I am fine and refused to go. I started to wonder whether I really do have a problem. She started telling me I needed help because I would just lie about something stupid instead of telling the truth. Also, how I could just stop caring about anything? Another thing I would do is just pretend fake happiness about something that I really did not care about. I also started to care more about how I look and try to look perfect. But, I do not have any one to impress. I just feel like if I do not look perfect something is wrong. If you have any ideas about what is happening I would love to know. Thank you.





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  • Parents should be able to assess children’s behavior changes and negatives much better than anyone else, because they observe keenly throughout the child’s life. But, there could be some bias came out of comparing with others.
  • Lying is definitely a behavioral problem which you must get over with. You can analyze your behavior in this aspect and change where necessary.
  • Being careless is embarrassing in many aspects. But, many areas do need caring. Your mother’s complaint could be that you are not even caring on required areas.
  • You do need friend. For exchange of idea, social interaction and sex related knowledge, etc., friends are must.
  • Even though you have no one to impress, you can impress yourself. That can improve your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Observe yourself through other’s eyes. Be critical about yourself. Accept your mother’s input. Change your behavior for better. You can do it. Take care.

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