Q. Should I worry about my brother’s urine culture report?



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My brother had pain in the right side under the rib and feeling stomach fullness. We took him to the hospital and an ECG and a few blood tests were taken. Both are normal and he was discharged with some painkillers. Next day morning, the same issue repeated. When we took him to the doctor, he advised to take a urine test. After seeing pus cells, he asked us to take urine culture. The urine culture report came as no growth. I have attached the above reports for your reference. Please look into the reports and suggest the treatment.





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  • As far as his urine reports are concerned (attachment removed to protect patient identity), he looks fine on that aspect.
  • His situation suggested in the emergency room to get him thoroughly checked up for his cardiac functions and they found that to be fine. So, the pain to be a cardiac ischemia is out of the question now.
  • This type of pain most probably due to indigestion and some patients have hyperacidity and associated peptic ulcer disease.
  • I suggest you to take him to a gastroenterologist for proper evaluation and management. If there would be an infection of the stomach by bacteria (Helicobacter pylori), then it can also be ruled out and treated through antibiotic triple regime.

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