Q. Though my hepatitis report came negative, my urine is still red. Why?



Hi doctor,

Two years ago, I got chicken pox. Later, I started taking lots of oil items. As a consequence, I got jaundice. Exactly a year ago, I took a few tests and everything was under control except direct bilirubin level 0.4. Seven months later, whenever I urinated in the morning the color of my urine was red. So, my doctor prescribed me to take all hepatitis tests (A to E) and all the reports came negative. After this, I started with homeopathy treatment, but no improvement. What to do? Also, I had Sinarest without prescription.





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I can understand your frustration with non-diagnosis state. Let me first clarify a few myths.

  • Consuming oil does not cause jaundice. You must have developed jaundice due to viral hepatitis.
  • It is unlikely that the current episode is because of the hepatitis. Also, I do not think your red urine is due to liver issue, but some urogenital issue. Because, hepatitis causes yellow urine.
  • I will suggest to evaluate for hematuria. The test may include urine routine, urine culture, renal function test, blood pressure check, serum albumin level, x-ray KUB (kidney, ureter and bladder) and pelvis ultrasound.
  • Before you go ahead with all the above, repeat the urine dipstick and confirm blood in urine and not any other food color from the diet.
  • Do you have any pain while passing urine or has any unprotected sexual activity?

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