Q. Took placebo a week before my first mini-pill. Will it work?



Hi doctor,

I am switching from a combined pill to POPs. I am switching due to a history of chronic migraines and the estrogen in the combined pill was not helping my migraines. I was instructed to take the placebo pill a week before starting the POPs, so I did. But now, after taking the first mini pill, I am reading that I should have started before the placebo week. I have already started my first week of POPs. So, how will they be affected? Will they still work? Should I use a backup method for a few weeks?





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  • The idea is if you are switching from combined pills then during the placebo week you should be getting a withdrawal bleed. It shall indicate the start of a fresh cycle and then from day 2 of your cycle you can easily start your mini-pill pack (Progesterone pills).
  • If you have done so, then there is no need of any backup. Just, continue the mini-pill pack.,
  • If menses have not occurred and you started pill earlier, then still backup would not be required, but you may experience menses only after end of the mini-pill pack.

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