Q. Two of my wisdom teeth are impacted. Is it better to remove?



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I visited a dentist and he completed deep cleaning of all four quadrants. I got composite fillings on one side of the mouth for five cavities (right side). However, I still have four cavities on the left side. I have two options. Wait for three more months and take care of it, as my insurance will be fully funded again next year. Make a trip to a neighboring country and have it treated there, as it is much lower cost compared to my country. However, the facilities are not as advanced. I have 4 cavities on the left side and some of them are quite visible. Is this a problem that I can wait for treatment or it is better to take care of it now? Also, the dentist noted that still two of my wisdom teeth not erupted yet and he mentioned it as impacted. I am 40 years old. Is it better to remove these teeth next year or monitor and wait till they cause problems? I hear it will be complicated to remove wisdom teeth after 40. So, I would like to get an opinion from you. Thank you.





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  • Cavities or tooth decay is chronic infections that spread further at a slow rate in most cases. The other thing to consider is any pain or associated symptoms with the cavities, which are indicative of active acute infection that has already spread deeper.
  • So, if the cavities are without symptoms, then it would be fine to wait for a few months as well. However, depending on the current state of infection, which can be evident from x-ray, I could give a more conclusive answer.
  • About the wisdom teeth, if these are unerupted at your age, then it is recommended that you get them removed as they present a chance for cyst formation, etc. It is not urgent though. This is more prophylactic than definitive.
  • Yes, a very small chance for more complications at a later age. But, the overall complexity would have been informed by the dentist or oral surgeon already.

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