Q. What are the chances of pregnancy after taking an Ocp late?



Hi doctor,

I have been on birth control continuously for three years. About a month ago, I took a pill late instead of in the morning. My boyfriend has not ejaculated in me. But, I noticed that I have gained weight. What are the chances of me being pregnant after taking a pill late? I do not have periods since I take the pills continuously.





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This is a common mistake that you have faced. However, a single late pill intake is in no way could turn you fertile as well as pregnant.

Even if you miss a single pill, the chance of pregnancy is very remote.

Now, continuous pill intake could be the reason for absence of cycle. We advice this sort of continuous pill intake only if you have endometriosis, a disease produces painful menses.

However, you need to take pills with a gap of 7 days pill free period or have to be on inert pills for 7 days. Then only, you will have cycles.

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