Q. What can be the reason for sudden transient loss of vision?



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Early this morning I lost vision in one of my eyes for about two minutes. My vision then came back gradually over a period of couple of minutes. I could not see any light at all. It was not painful and I have not experienced this before. I experienced an allergic reaction to a Progesterone cream when I applied to my face the same day. It burned my face and turned it red. Symptoms subsided after washing it off. I am traveling and cannot get in to see a doctor until I return home in two weeks. Is it fine if I wait to see a doctor? Please help.





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  • Sudden painless transient loss of vision suspects that some vegetation got dislodged from your heart valve and blocked blood vessel supplying the eye leading to blindness and it got dislodged later with systolic heart beat leading to recovery of vision.
  • It is better to consult ophthalmologist and cardiologist both.

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