Q. What can cause strange smell and yellowish orange tongue?



Hi doctor,

I have been having a funny smell in my nose for the past several weeks. Additionally, I have a yellow and orange coating on my tongue. I have gone to my ENT last week not in regards to the smell but just as a follow up. All seemed to be clear except for some swelling. Since then the smell has gotten worse. I have a history of sinus issue and had sinus surgery a few years ago where there were polyps present. I continue to get allergy shots for my constant congestion and running nose. What I am wondering is if this could be reflux or related to my sinus issues even though the nasal endoscopy did not show anything visible. My regular doctor has put me on an antibiotic, but it has not helped in the past five days that I have been on it. Would like to get some feedback and possible reassurance that this is most likely not anything serious and can be treated. Please guide.





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  • Do you mean to say you have funny smell? You have decreased smell or increased smell or altogether a different smell?
  • Decreased or increased smell is due to diseases of nose and anterior skull base, but different smell is usually psychological.
  • You had sinus issues, but was it always sinus blockage, discharge, sneezing and did you ever get surgery?
  • Do you have any swelling in nose or tongue? Since how long is it? Or has it been detected by doctor?
  • Since how long you have this coating on the tongue? Do you have any pain or fever associated with it?
  • Is there any difficulty in swallowing? Can I have the image of tongue?
  • Do you have any other medical disorder previously? How are your blood tests? When were they done last time?
  • Sorry to ask so many questions, but these are needed to assure you everything is normal.

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