Q. What can I do for headache followed by inversion method yoga?



Hi doctor,

I have done inversion method in yoga for the last six days. Now, I have got pain in head and eyes. What can I do now?





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  • All kind of yoga postures are not recommended for everyone.
  • Beginners should never try tough postures. Always remember that yoga is not just performing tough postures.
  • Definition of yoga posture says that sthira sukham asana. That means asana is the posture by which you feel comfort and can be maintained for long without effort.
  • A good teacher should not put beginners to perform advanced postures.
  • Since you have developed headache and eye pain stop the practice for a while. Apply Ksheerabala taila to the head and massage lightly. It will relieve the condition.
  • If the problem persists please feel free to go for a physical evaluation.

For further information consult a yoga specialist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/yoga-specialist

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