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Hi doctor,

I am a 33 year old female. I had an epileptic seizure and then passed out whilst sitting in front of my laptop. I bumped my knee on the table not even hard enough to bruise then the seizure happened. This has never happened before. Also for a month or so I am hearing some wheezing sound in my head. I feel tired and stressed lately. Whilst in front of a computer I feel tics in my right eye frequently. My GP told me to ignore the seizure. He prescribed me Vastarel 35 mg for a month. Recent blood tests show everything fine which includes FBC, iron, ferritin and glucose. He advised me to have a brain examination only if I have another seizure. Is he right? Or do I need further checkups? Also, what could be the cause for this seizure? Thank you.





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Let me share some facts of seizure.

A seizure is due to abnormal or synchronous activity in the brain and presents as a mild tremor to violent shaking or change in the behavior.

Epilepsy is due to recurring epileptic seizures as a result of malformed or brain malfunction usually associated with abnormal EEG (electroencephalogram) and scans. Thus, seizure is not synonymous to epilepsy.

The most challenging fact is to define the actual episode and confirm it to be a true seizure.

  • How do you describe the episode? Is there any tongue bite or any evidence of trauma unknowingly?
  • Do you have the memory of the events happened at that moment? Did you get any aura of something unusual before the episode or any confusion or memory loss following the episode?
  • Is there any other person who witnessed that moment?
  • If any of the above is yes, then it may be your first seizure. Now is it provoked or unprovoked?
  • Are you under any stress, emotional or physical or any fasting or low sugar or alcohol consumption?
  • Is there any lack of sleep or too much of work on laptop?
  • Are you under any regular medication? Did you have any recent head trauma?

If yes to above, then just stay away from those provoking factors and everything going to be alright.

Unlike that if it is unprovoked requires work up like EEG, video EEG and later MRI brain to confirm epilepsy.

  • Tics in right lid might be due to stress. Leave all stress and sleep tight.
  • Do answer to my queries, so that I can come to a conclusion. Just describe the episode in detail whatever you remember without any additions or deletions. Evaluation is usually postponed till the confirmation of this episode or till another similar episode.
  • Why are you on Vastarel (Trimetazidine)? Do you have any vertigo or ringing ears or any angina?

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