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Hi doctor,

I am 22 years old. My weight is 70 kg and height is 5’6″. I have some giddiness problem for the past two years. Doctors termed it as excessive stress, anxiety and tension. Before four months I had giddiness and high BP. Then at times I feel like taking long breaths and weakness in legs. More in left leg than the right. I cannot stand for long, but still walk regularly. Mentally I have become weak and now slowly improving on it. I had homeopathy medication before and stopper two weeks ago. For BP had medicine 10 days. Before three months, doctor advised for basic blood test such as CBC and ESR, which were normal.





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I had gone through all the data you have posted. Some things are important in what you said.

  • First diagnosis of hypertension HTN at 22 years of age has to be seriously looked into unless there is strong family history for the same.
  • For the diagnosis of HTN three office recordings at different hospital visits, each visit mean value of three recordings if more than 140/90 mmHg and patient should not drink tea or smoke within 5 minutes of blood pressure measurement.
  • If your diagnosis of HTN was true, then further investigation is necessary to rule out secondary causes of hypertension.
  • Hypertension and weakness of legs may be because of hypokalemia (low potassium level). Kindly do serum potassium levels.
  • Kindly start with lifestyle changes like low salt in diet, avoid pickles, stop alcohol or smoking if you have habit of and do regular physical activity.
  • Regarding weakness of legs, we need more description where exactly the problem is. Weakness has to be muscular or neurological in nature.
  • If neurologic then symptoms will be like dragging pain lower back to foot, slippage of slippers while walking, feeling unstable while walking.
  • If weakness is muscular then you may have difficulty in getting up from squatting position and cramps like pain.
  • Please feel relaxed and this is not the age for any major problems to exist. We think of all the possibilities just to be sure we should not miss anything major. Do meditation or yoga to decrease tension.
  • You need to do lipid profile, serum potassium and get back to me with reports and mention more regarding the problems if any.

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