Q. What is the risk of heart murmur in a 9 days old baby?



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My baby is 9 days old. Heart murmur was identified during check with the pediatrician. He said that the cardiovascular system is abnormal with soft systolic grade 2/6 murmur at LSB. We have done the echocardiogram and the results are as follows: Ventricular septal defect (Q21.0) with stable condition and atrial septal defect (Q21.1) with stable condition. Moderate size secundum ASD, moderate size perimembranous VSD with PG of 55 mmHg. I would like to know the risk factor on the identification of the murmur and the steps to cure this as early as possible. We need your support and guidance on this. Thank you.





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I appreciate your trust in our services. I have carefully reviewed your query and can well establish the sensitivity of the health issues you described.

  • The baby has actually got congenital heart malformations that are abnormalities in the development of normal heart structures.
  • In such a situation for quick response, a cardiac surgical correction may be an option. Otherwise, it runs long and it is not such a disease that can be cured so fast.
  • Unfortunately, some babies are born with such defects and it is hopeful that modern day management options have saved countless lives.
  • His pressure gradient is not that bad to cause blue lips and skin. It seems he will have a good prognosis.
  • Consult in-person a pediatric cardiac surgeon for physical evaluation and further management. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

For further information consult a cardiologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/cardiologist

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