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I am a 29 year old male. My height is 176 cm and weight is 77 kg. I have pain in my right buttock for the past seven days. I tried to push the bed with leg and this caused some injury in the lower spine. Please refer to MRI report that I have attached. My MRI opinion is as follows. MRI lumbo-sacral spine reveals early spondylotic changes are seen in the form of osteophytes and disc desiccation at multiple levels with minimal posterior disc bulge at L2-L3 level indenting the thecal sac without any significant neural compression. Broad based posterior disc bulge with mild postero-central disc protrusion at L3-L4 level and L4-L5 level indenting the thecal sac and bilateral descending L4 and L5 levels. Minimal posterior disc bulge with mild postero-central disc protrusion at L5-S1 level indenting the thecal sac and the bilateral descending S1 nerve. I am currently taking Flupirtine maleate capsule, Aceclofenac, Paracetamol tablets along with Omega-3 capsules. I have no problem passing urine or stool and pain in last one week is relieved by 50% but not fully. I am on complete bed rest. I have a family trip for five days of next week. Shall I join that or should I avoid it? Thank you.





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  • According to the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), you are suffering from disc herniation at multiple levels with degenerative disease of spine with L4, L5 and S1 nerve compression due to injury and thus cause your pain.
  • When there is spasm of muscles surrounding the spine straightening of the spine occurs.
  • There is disc desiccation (means loss of water from intervertebral disc) with spondolytic changes (degenerative changes in the spine) in the form of osteophytes (bone forming cells).
  • Majority of the such cases are benefited by physiotherapy and medication and rest.
  • I would suggest you to take rest till you are relieved 100%. Wish you good health.

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