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I work from 3 PM to 1 AM and cannot sleep once I am back. My food habits are also messed up. As I cannot sleep properly, I get up late. Hence, I am missing my breakfast and having heavy brunch. Some days, I even miss lunch and have dinner around 7 PM. I have also started putting weight unlike before. I guess it might be because of the erratic sleeping and eating patterns. I need to know what kind of food habits I should follow to sleep well. I would also like to have healthy food. Please help.





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  • It is not just because of your food habits that your sleep-wake cycle is disturbed. Your whole work schedule is rather disturbing your sleep. You need to regularize your activities and follow sleep hygiene along with your circadian rhythm.
  • Regarding your food cycle, fix your meals to specific timings like breakfast at 9 AM, lunch between 1 to 2 PM and dinner again at 9 PM.
  • In between these meals, you can take snacks as well, such as morning snack at 11 AM, evening snack at 5 PM and night time snack at 11 PM. After this you should not eat anything.
  • Also, improve the quality of food that you eat. Instead of junk give more stress at home made healthy food.
  • Avoid heavy binges just before sleeping. Also, avoid spicy and fatty food at night.
  • If you develop this kind of eating habit, then it will help you in improving your sleep pattern.

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