Q. What might be the reason for severe hair loss?



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My mother is 5’2″ and she weighs 55 kg. She is suffering from severe hair loss. She had ferritin test and the level is 29.10. Her hemoglobin level is normal. Please give me suggestion about this doctor.





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  • In general, female lose hair and experience of a reduction in density but the headline is intact.
  • There can be a lot of reasons for hair loss like:
  1. Improper hair routine and hard (salt) water.
  2. Have a good intake of fresh fruits and maintain vitamin D3 levels.
  3. Optimum zinc and biotin levels are key.
  4. Use a broad bristle comb and avoid over strenuous combing of hair.
  5. Never shampoo in dry hair.
  • As for medication, take capsule Keraglo Eva (gamma Lenolenic acid) one every day.
  • Tablet Neurobion forte (multivitamin) one every day for 6 months.
  • Hair need a long-term treatment so should follow it with some patience.

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