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Last year, when I checked my thyroid profile my T3 and T4 were in normal range. But, my TSH level was greater than 150 (normal range 0.35 – 5.50). My doctor prescribed me 100 mg Eltroxin. After three months, my T3 181.7 (normal range 60 -180) and T4 15.2 (normal range 4.50 – 12.60). T3 and T4 levels were higher, but my TSH was well within normal range of 0.37. My doctor changed my prescription to 75 mg Eltroxin. After three months, my T3 113 and T4 7.3 were normal and again TSH was higher, 32. My doctor changed my prescription to 88 mg Thyronorm. Three months later, my T3 and T4 were normal, but TSH was 23.7. Since then, I am on 88 mg Thyronorm and checking the level once in every three months. Always, my T3 and T4 are well within range, but my TSH is higher between 25 and 35. What should I do?





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  • Please ensure that you take medicines daily in the empty stomach, at least 1 hour before any food.
  • If you miss your thyroid medicine today, you can take two tablets tomorrow to ensure that you take 30 tablets in 30 days of the month. Even missing 1 or 2 doses in a month will be harmful.
  • Now, 88 mcg Thyronorm is not adequate for you. You should increase the dose to 100 mcg of Thyronorm per day with your doctor’s consent and get T4 and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) tested after six weeks. Also, get an anti-TPO (thyroperoxidase antibody) test.

For further information consult an endocrinologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/endocrinologist

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