Q. When I pass urine, it ends with so much pain. Why?



Hi doctor,

I am having painful urination. When I pass urine only 5-10 mL of urine I pass and then end up with so much of pain. The pain is like something stuck in my penis or like some wound inside the penis. And I am also getting blood in urine. This is happening to me for the last two days. Please help me. This is the first time and I am drinking as much water as possible.





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Based on your query, my opinion is as follows:

  • However, I strongly suspect a possible urethral stricture or urethral mucosal rupture.
  • Get a urine microscopic examination to evaluate for urinary tract infection. If pus cells are present then need to treat urinary tract infection. If not, then you might need to meet a urologist to look into any urethral damage.
  • Do get the tests done at the earliest. If it is severe damage like urethral stricture or narrowing then it will be difficult to manage later.

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