Q. Why am I getting radiating pain on my chest, shoulders and neck?



Hi doctor,

I have been having pain around my esophagus, upper chest area as well as the bones under the eyes. The pain is radiating from upper chest to the shoulders. I am also having some memory problem. This has been slowly getting worse over a period of a couple of years. I can feel the pain on touching my neck and the upper collarbone area. I do not have much reflux and can swallow. This seems to affect every part of my life. I have some balance issues, ringing in ears and some pain in the upper jaw. This pain does not seem to be in my throat. I currently on Neurontin, Cymbalta and blood pressure medicines. During the initial days of pain, I had a throat checkup, head scan and a few blood tests.





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The pattern of pain you are describing is most probably due to any one of the following.

  • Disc herniation in the level of C2 to T2 leading to compression of nerves between adjacent vertebrae. This area contains nerve roots that supply the diaphragm which includes sympathetic interaction of neck, head, upper chest and armpits.
  • Pancoast tumor, which is a tumor of the uppermost portion of lung. It can also compress cervical nerve roots.
  • I suggest you get examined by a neurologist for detailed examination and CT scan of cervical vertebra and chest to exclude the above causes.

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