Q. Why are men affected by cancer more than women?



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Why are men generally affected by cancer than women? Do they have less tumor suppressor genes (p53) than women? Or is there a different reason entirely?





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  • There are various reasons for cancer in general and p53 is one of the many genes that can cause cancer.
  • These are sporadic mutations and no sex is more prone to have p53 mutations than the other. But, yes the p53 mutations are seen in more male dominant cancers like prostate cancer and myelodysplasia (bone marrow cancer).
  • Some of the cancers are more common in women like breast cancer than men; similarly lung cancer is on the rise in females as well.
  • It depends upon the risk factors such as smoking, sexual lifestyle, family history and environmental exposures.
  • There is a change in trend over many years and now we are seeing mixed results.

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