Q. Why are the rashes around my penis and under leg not getting cured?



Hi doctor,

For the past one month, I am getting rashes around my penis, under legs and also on back. I have used many medicines like Quadriderm, Neo Clobenate GM, Ring Guard, etc. But, they did not work. Please prescribe me some good medicine. Thank you.





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  • With your description it seems that you are having tinea cruris, a kind of fungal infections.
  • You immediately stop Quadriderm (a combination of Betamethasone Valerate, Gentamicin, Tolnaftate and Clioquinol). It is a steroid containing cream. It will hide the lesion rather than solving it.
  • I suggest tablet Terbinafine 250 mg once daily for four weeks and 1% Clotrimazole cream twice daily for around two months and one KZ soap (Ketoconazole) for bathing.
  • Initially you may feel slight increase in lesions. Because, these hide lesions reappear but you should take these medicine as advised and follow certain measures.
  • It used to occur in people with diabetes, hypertension or on any other medications for immunosuppression.
  • More common chance of recurrence is due to tight clothing, poor ventilation of that area by wearing frenchie. So, wear loose cotton clothes, old style undergarment and keep the area as dry as possible.
  • Dry it with good cloth. Whenever the area is found wet, you can apply Abzorb powder (Clotrimazole).
  • Yes, it can be transferred. But, it is not a dread disease (life-threatening) and almost has nil complication.
  • It can be easily prevented by above mentioned measures. Fungus always needs humidity and wet area to penetrate. So, just do not give it a chance by keeping it dry.

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