Q. Why do I feel some heaviness in head after a brawl on the phone?



Hi doctor,

I had a brawl on the phone with a few persons. They are believed to be not so social kind of people. Ever since that day, I feel a kind of heaviness in my head. What is it?





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  • Since you are specifically pointing out one incident after which the symptom started, it is quite likely that the two are related.
  • It is very well known that such symptoms can arise after the occurrence of a disturbing event.
  • Assuming that you did not have any head trauma or other obvious cause for this heaviness, the correct treatment is the resolution of the unconscious psychological conflict related to the incident. This is best done in the form of psychotherapy with a qualified expert.
  • Certain medicines such as Propranolol can also be helpful, but will need some kind of psychiatrist supervision. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and take the medicine with consent.
  • I can suggest you write down all your thoughts and fears regarding the incident in a diary. Do not block any particular thought. Let all your thoughts flow out without inhibition.
  • The thoughts may be related to the consequences of the event, your reflection on your behavior during the incident, your reflection on their behavior during the incident and how you felt then.
  • Ask yourself deeply about the incident that is bothering you. Once these conflicts are resolved, the heaviness will go away. Take care.

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