Q. Why do I feel urge to urinate after masturbation?



Hi doctor,

I am a 21 year old male. Sometimes, after masturbation I feel urge to urinate regularly after every minute even though there is very less urine. Also I feel pain, some pricking and irritation feel while urinating. Sometimes, even without masturbation same problem occurs. Please advise me to get rid of this problem.





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  • It is quite normal to feel an urge to micturate after having coitus or masturbation.
  • However, having pain and prickling sensation while urination is not normal. It suggests that you might have an underlying urinary tract infection.
  • Most common mode of contracting UTI is having unprotected coitus followed by poor genital hygiene.
  • In this case you should get yourself assessed in detail in terms of UTI. If positive then for the same you should start with the treatment as well.

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