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I wake up with pain in the kidney region every morning after approximately three to four hours of lying in the supine position or on my left side. The pain localizes beneath the left and right kidneys, more on the left and down toward the pelvis on the left side. It hurts the most when inhaling. My body wakes me up in a 10/10 pain every morning as a survival necessity. If I elevate my mattress by 15 degrees with my head higher than my feet, I do not wake up with the pain or it is suppressed approximately 90%. When I get up and walk around for several minutes, the pain goes away. I never experience the pain when I am not lying down. There also seems to be hyperintensities in both the cecum region and renal pelvises. I found the intensities in the cecum region to be upwards of 3071 compared to my bone intensity measurements averaging around 1200. I have testicular pain following urination, sometimes cloudy or semen like urine following the pain. I am unable to completely trace both the ureters without their disappearance and they both seem to be compressed in various regions. I can however find them again around the bladder. I understand that dilation is absent on the CT scan, however the pain only arises after hours of laying down so it would seem to make sense that dilation is not visible on the scan. Also, there seems to be an intense, vascular network posterior or underneath the kidneys that I have been unable to identify. The duodenum appears to be compressed by the SMA and the right testicular vein appears to be compressed by the duodenum. I need your help to review these issues. I feel like I am dying. I am 25 years old. This has been occurring for more than two years. I have extremely itchy skin all the time, probably due to urinary leakage or fistula or vascular issue. My identical twin brother does not have any of these issues. I do not think that I can go much longer. I have attached the reports for your reference. Please help.





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I have gone through the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity).

  • There is no significant problem with your kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder. The cecum and colon are not showing any problems.
  • The duodenum and right testicular vein are not having any pressure effects. There is no urinary leakage or fistula.
  • There is no obvious vascular problem.
  • There are two small cyst like lesions in the right lobe of liver. It is less than 10 mm in diameter and is not significant.
  • The urethra might have an infection, which is causing urinary discomfort. A urine culture is suggested when you have cloudy urine and pain. This cannot be commented on a CT scan.
  • Your pain can happen for bone and joint conditions. Please discuss with your doctor for further physical evaluation.

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