Q. Why does lung cancer medicine hamper aneurysm treatment?



Hello doctor,

My friend has a brain aneurysm and lung cancer. He is undergoing treatments for both. Now, the medicine for lung cancer is hampering the aneurysm. What to do? Please suggest.





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  • Brain aneurysm can be a different entity or due to the metastasis of lung cancer to the brain.
  • It is a very difficult condition to treat as both diseases have a very grave prognosis.
  • Usually, the treatment of aneurysm is by clipping or coiling, but certain medicines are also given to make the blood thin.
  • There are many drugs that interact with the drugs used for lung cancer. In fact, chemotherapy for the lung cancer has very toxic side effects on all body parts. So, this situation has to be handled by the specialist doctors.
  • The most important issue to be noted while treatment is that the general condition must be stable in order to start chemotherapy for the lung cancer.
  • It is very difficult to comment on the specific medicine hampering the treatment with the little information provided by you.

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