Q. Why does my face texture differ from body?



Hello doctor,

My face texture is darker than my body texture. I have tried many face wash, face whitening creams and face packs, but nothing seems to work. Please help.





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  • Your problem is very common especially in males. This is mainly due to working outside in sun which causes mild to severe tanning which you have (attachment removed to protect patient identity).
  • Skin will become tan or darker due to sunlight. The photo exposed part become darker than rest of the body.

I shall explain the treatment and precautions pointwise manner:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight exposure as much as you can. Wear sunglass, caps and cover exposed part of your body all the time.
  2. Use sunscreen thrice in a day like around 10 AM, 12 PM and 3 PM all over face.
  3. Sunscreen SPF (sun protection factor) should be around 50.
  4. Use anti-pigmentation cream over pigmented part like Kojic acid, Hydroquinone, Depiwhite cream, etc.
  5. If tanning is deep and too much then ideal treatment is Glycolic acid peels. Sittings of 6-8 peels must be required.
  6. Perhaps, peeling is the best way to get skin tone fair. It is just few minutes procedure, but need expertise. It is a kind of acid which would be applied over face.
  7. Never stop sunscreen even if tanning goes off.
  8. Q-Switched Nd:YAG carbon facial is also a good option. Sitting required same as chemical peels.
  9. Face wash is not a treatment, but you can use Ahaglow which contains Glycolic acid.

For further information consult a cosmetologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/cosmetologist

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