Q. Why has my finger become stiff after an injury?



Hi doctor,

A few months before, I got an injury on my finger. Now, my finger has become very stiff. When I try to straighten it, it is popping back. Also, it is very painful. What to do? Please help me.





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You have mentioned that you got an injury to your finger previously and now, you are having some issue with its movements.

  • As per your symptoms, it could be subluxating out of the joint and then coming back as per the movements. For that, I will advise you to kindly get in touch with a hand surgeon.
  • May be an MRI scan will be required to assess the quantum of your hand injury and treatment can be initiated accordingly.
  • Another thing which comes to my mind is a trigger finger when the flexor tendons get entrapped in the thickened tenosynovium and there is a popping sound when the affected finger is moved every time.
  • In any case, logical thing will be to consult a doctor, preferably an orthopedic surgeon to get a detailed examination of the concerned finger and initiating treatment accordingly.
  • I suggest you a fresh x-ray and if required an MRI scan of the affected hand so that the treatment can be started accordingly.

For further information consult an orthopaedician and traumatologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/orthopaedician-and-traumatologist

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