Q. Why should not I use Hh Zole cream for long term?



Hello doctor,

I have fungal infection in groins and underarms. My doctor suggested me to use Hh Zole and Clocip. After using Hh Zole cream alone I got better result. But, my doctor suggested me to continue with Clocip cream. Why should not I continue with Hh Zole? Please explain.





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  • Hh Zole cream is a combination of Mometasone which is a mild steroid and Clotrimazole is antifungal.
  • These combination creams are use initially used to control fungal infection with inflammation and itching.
  • But, steroids cannot be used for long time since they have major side effects and can also lead to flaring up of infection later.
  • Your doctor advised you to switch to Clocip which is only Clotrimazole without any steroid component which can be used over long period. So, I would suggest you to use Clocip only.

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