Q. Will amniocentesis lead to brain damage of the baby?



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My baby born with left hemiathetosis dystonia. She has an amniocentesis scar. I would like to know if the baby’s spine is penetrated by an amniocentesis needle. Can this lead to brain damage? Would it have to be in the head or neck? Many thanks.





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  • If any damage occurs due to amniocentesis needle penetration, then the lesion is likely to affect only local neurons and not the distant ones.
  • If the spine was penetrated beyond cervical nerves I do not think his brain will be affected. In case, it was brain or cervical spine (neck), then it is possible that the brain will be affected.
  • I must acknowledge that at the time of amniocentesis (mostly 16 weeks of pregnancy) the size of central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is very small and a small lesion can affect widespread areas as the development of central nervous system can be affected.

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